Technical Assurance, Systems Engineering,

Systems Architecture & Project Management

Verification and Validation

Verification is a quality control process that is used to evaluate whether or not a product, service, or system complies with regulations, specifications, or conditions imposed at the start of a development phase. Validation is a quality assurance process of establishing evidence that provides a high degree of assurance that a product, service, or system accomplishes its intended requirements.

Trivium staff experience in verification and validation ranges from practical field testing experience to project and program level V&V planning within the RF communication, satellite communication and ICT areas of the Department of Defence, industry and other government agencies.

Trivium's V&V staff members have been responsible for the planning and management of V&V activities, including acceptance testing and operational testing for large and complex projects such as the Defence Terrestrial Communications Network, Battlefield Command System and Advanced SATCOM Terrestrial Infrastructure System for the Department of Defence. Trivium staff members have also been heavily involved in the development of test policy and planning for certification of satellite terminals for use under the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) satellite constellation.